2016-2017 Officers

President: Holly Hague

Vice President: Julia Weber

Fundraising Manager: Missy Patton

Treasurer: Chaney Miller

Performance Manager: Sara Porterfield

Public Relations Manager: Sarah East

Rrukie Representative: Arianna Kozitza

Formers Liason: Courtney Newman


2016-2017 Ex-Officios

Birthday Gram Coordinator: Gabies Forames

Service Chair: Bailey Crawford

Social Chair: Melody Jenkins

Historian: Laura Evans

Librarian: Lydia Bazan

Morale and Wellness Chairs: Catherine Jordan and Maria Salazar

Webpage Coordinator: Michelle Miller

Important Information

Rehearsal Times:

MW at 10:20-11:10am

TR at 5:30-6:45pm


Texas A&M Choral Activites office

(Basement of MSC- across from Mac Resource)


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